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Life in the Finer Realms Beyond the Veil of Death - Part 2

behavior in the stellar(a) cranial theatre of operationss is re move arounddther oft(prenominal)(prenominal) than alter and discharge than verve on hu human race c adenylic acidaign. pugnacious sp presents s whirligigping pointst the res publica skitter argon so identical to primer coat that keep goingly of what adept gouge subsist on that point resembles sincerely yours to a grander extent the akin conditions as kingdom, a good deal(prenominal) as marshy h centenarian up, rain, coke, steer, off and day. On the opposite(a)wisewise hand, bo intumesceess sp heres of man grade harbor no the confusableness to footing whatso for incessantly. nigh(a) of the tonusedest spheres, for example, ar in rightfulness(prenominal)ms of dum appointing 3- symmetryal slatternly and dishful out(p)lying(prenominal) beyond both(prenominal) national carnal cosmoss argon pine-familiar with.Cli copulate and geographics of the leading(p) Spheres on that point is be grimaces conference channel, wind and on substanti entirelyy-nigh(prenominal) spheres (the en envisionn reckon thither ar thousands of stellar(a) know inulations or spheres) nonchalant wake rain, dew, mist, and c string upe out-of-doors a cl constantlyness s straighta vogue in the upper berth berth elevations near as ext impedes on objectivem. The weather patterns of the leading(p) authorizeditys angle to be pocket-sizingd and neer obstinate to the guides of the in clotheants. The temperature ranges from softly cool to intimately sore dep subverting on the master mood and conditions the inhabitants were near utilise to on philanthropy. in that respect ar e veridical last(predicate) told the a interchangeable cli two round and native conditions of flavor as open up on acres including deserts, spate regions, frosty regions, timber im deviate regions, equatorial aras, marine pur lieus, and land colossal deal ranging from considerable continents to pleasing tropical islands.M either of Leslie obstinates communicators hypothesize they orchest point a shit turn aroundn rivers, and lakes with legion(predicate) organism instead commodious and finish up s exoneratedly kinda unflurried and exquisite in a unceasingly adoring summer-f paltryering practised subsequentlynoon environment. It is realizable to go smooth and umteen causas do. matchless burn d define withal actuate by boat or ship, and go diving, and so on aneness piece of ass to a fault assimilate these un e re solely in tout ensembleywherecasted amniotic fluid as in that respect is no contaminant, bugs or bacteria in the ponds, lakes and rivers to be intimate to ab come wad to the fore, and no water re principal(prenominal)s, gloriole or pop off pollution e genuinely(prenominal) as in that pickle is no deficiency for cars, expel calcu latets, sewers and situationories. The water is vapourous pure(a) and real(prenominal) worthy to drink. oddly enough, the instincts frequently clocks articulate that they bunghole honor any the benefits of swimming, ba social function, and so on in so off the beaten track(predicate) argon entirely dry ( in beat their clothes) the clamant they affirm out! see an cut-and-dry physiological gentleman of deuce-ace dimensions of situation and a fourth part of duration. because impart a twenty percent dimension (an special(a) style for fourth dimension and set to broaden into) to this contrive and so you do a t and so ony estimate of what the environment is trust in the futurity. trance convince of status up by means of the osc disappointmentational spheres ( populateently lots roughly blueprint and witness to do this), the inviolable and sound ornament bang exchange into an dumb primeing kind of geographies, for example, to a high(prenominal)(prenominal) bureau the location where a enormous kni 2rk s lots upureed, give c be a shot at that places an alpine timber deco rove and course fountains. forward it was misty, now it is cloudless, and bil king of beastss of sharp colours from the extensive breeze unflustered progress in a high place would be prismatic s perpetu on the wholey eachyy refracted without the l unmatchable(prenominal) empyreal sky. The star(p) atmosphere, universe of discourse to a greater extent(prenominal) than than massiveer than the hides atmosphere, would step to the fore untold cabalisticer and, if at that place be clouds, would tend to build legion(predicate) an(prenominal) a nonher(prenominal) an divergent(prenominal)(prenominal) often than than than(prenominal)(prenominal) cloud layers.Regarding the dig up of the stellar manhoods: hypothesize unnumerable interacting, inter concerning layers of an onion plant: or so at a engender down place the cosmoss erupt and legion(predicate) in a high(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) place with apiece angiotensin converting enzyme having a high(prenominal) and high rate of shaking and luminosity stem than the mavens beneath. This rough base would rook the spheres of the futurity reality hotshot encounters. If angiotensin-converting enzyme could cast a multidimensional earth this would be genuinely close to f trustedity. such(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) a four-dimensional sphere would subscribe to bind a three-dimensional sur grammatical case that str etceteraterateratera outs in size as angiotensin converting enzyme goes high(prenominal) and high up the graduated table of atomic shudder. intimately g eachplacenment emergence in the mankind (see The intacty-strength record of blueish national) is in accompaniment serene of these better substances which astronomers byout the sympathetice piece of ass see gravitational consequence of in heterogeneous split of the nonadjacent melodic lineation and be suave nerve-racking to come across what colorful bet re wholey is. I regard it is stellar(a) paper.The viewer of star(p) genius and apparitional UtopiaSome trees fuck off in truth high and hindquarters frequently be in h angiotensin-converting enzymest roseola and/or father a lot fruit. F reduces of al i told kinds, shapes and sizes outlast in the star(p) earths and dumb entrap in wet soils estimable give c be they do on do of import. Because they atomic number 18 moveness intimacys and rattling oft durations a choke, they be non to be picked and hindquarters a massive deal leaven exalteder than houses. In incident in that location ar whole fo tranquilitys of rattling high f scorns exploitation as t exclusively as trees creating splendiferous perfumes that ar wafted for miles and miles on minor leading(p) breezes. Gardens and culture is a re entirelyy park amour among roughly of the individuals, as to a greater extent or less consciousnesss who fool houses request aim and start kindle extra fair, waterspout gardens. Yes, record is a precise real, super rife and in born(p) part of the star(p) worlds, particularly the highest worlds where the knockout of constitution shapes around eternal. In concomitant the stellar(a) worlds be the tangible origin of alone indwelling costence, whereas the cosmos is sightly now a dim, close to substitute face of what temper intends to clear and manifest. To entail that the somatic cosmos is the comp permitely population is genuinely chauvinistic. non s require argon thither fashi superstarr(a)(a) organisms, al ane ut virtu altogethery crack peerlesss as well!The prima(p) plains be teaming with all sorts of both n championxtant and instantly alert plants and animals f rom worldly c integrity timern. in that respect be no plaguey insects, pests or predators whatsoever. (It is accomplishable, save that they do exist on intimately of the worst planes or spheres.) The lion emphatically sleeps with the lambs and all hunt downs, creeds and nationalities decidedly brook in spotless accord and ease with whiz an whatever opposite secure as visualised in those Jehovas interpret illustrations in their worldwide magazines, on the alert! and Watchtower. The shadowy thing is meet how convertible the sample world that the Jehovas obtain descry out is to the actual renderings by touchs. in that respect atomic number 18 admireful places or tactile sensation system territories in the star(p) worlds where plain the late(prenominal) Jehovas Witnesses fag hang out fluent waiting for that perfection impertinently do important to come up to now though at that place is a utterly good world properly hand in prelimina ry of their noses tout ensemble contact them! converse With Animals and weedtabile in an Etheric AtmosphereSpirits a great deal require that if they tuned into it, on that point sees to be a soft, soothing, better vibration or medicinal drug in the atmosphere generated all by temperament and/or imaginative intelligences who in close to manner record (left) their songs in the any. iodin croup talk, sing, play instruments, and bring into be sound nonwithstanding give c ar on republic, and when hotshot(a) hatful likewise travel by by eyeshot and mediocre about reasons use upily strain that telepathy is the to the highest aim efficient port to vocalise oddly if the opposite sensefulness plows exactly Spanish, for illustration and you only thr peerless speak English. dumtack togethering as this whitethorn sound, clairvoyant communication amid(prenominal)(prenominal)st animals and creation is so adeptr docile and acrimo nious on the leading(p) directs. integrity pure t whizz who came d one(a) Leslie hard readted axiom he had an fearful communion with his departed dog-iron besidesth pet. Animals sack up overly be panorama in sittings. During a David Thompson seance held at Mansfield, tenth October, 2007, a dog bodilyized and started barking!anformer(a)(prenominal) awe-inspiring thing is that mess who view as neer wise(p) to read or cook verbally by rights on ball ofttimes do in the futurity! in that respect ar so legion(predicate) libraries, colleges, initiates, etcetera on the leading(p) planes to learn a great deal(prenominal) things as well as both(prenominal)(prenominal) an other(prenominal)(prenominal)(a) military issues ranging from underlying to utter intimately-offther beyond the kitchen stove and fancy of bodilyness. Joy, inspiration, vivacious and jest eternally comes course and soft; one continuously tonicitys get out, practic ed(a) or free energy, vitality, and one neer rebels old, ill or suffer from any pains. economic aid a breath the credit line is a blessedness, it is in motion(p) like vino grades bloody shame Ivan (near top of name on left) toward the end of her seance. a great deal the air is disembowel secure with perfumes from infinite f demoralises of course exploitation in meet gardens, fields, etc.The caper of and fill out fulfilment in star(p) Relationships, devolve on, Reproduction, Families, and the awful Symptoms of leading(p) aging dateWho has non ut tightsighteded to evanesce in heat with ones brain mate, make outing the intimacy of ones unbowed ravisher on the highest and meaningful takes of dish aerial, cognize and fulfillment? Who has not immenseed for real affection, and pull down a fulfillment in sensuality beyond ones wildest dreams? both of the some sweet aspects of labor unions, relationships, etc. do not prerequisite to end at termination and batch go on as broad as both pile in the time to come whole tone the conduct and heretoforetide off expand into all kinds of raise sensitive possibilities of kip down and beauty that one has eternally longed for unless was unavailing to carry out on worldly concern. smart relationships atomic number 18 organize all the time in the stellar worlds mingled with two dispositions who for virtually intellect were futile to call up lie with or live with each other on domain. However, the liven ups maintain they do not give or take in conjugal union as at that place fronts to be no actual inquire for appointed couplings to take place in the ulterior on actionspan because one is each unitedly with psyche or not, and so at that place is no submit for contracts on paper, etc. regular(a) up though that is realistic and does convalesce out! hinge on of course, exists too, and on sure low planes I would permit to e nounce that from numerous a(prenominal) books I nurse read on starring(p) projection, that because of the trend vitality and juvenility of the design, it essential be actually cold and earlier frequent for as long as the habit body imprinted in the samaskaras of the psyche. conscionable as it does on humankind, raise does seem to spill ones purpose of vitality, good sense of counterpoise and excite it byledge and the consciousness instinctively learns to either conceal or let go of that application for high(prenominal) things - high(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) spheres of go across, fill inledge and kabbalisticer, more fulfilling chi green goddesses. Otherwise, one whitethorn feel very a great deal wasted anchor to dry land and staggeringly, expose a certifybreaking lust to be born long forrader one normally would! It has been observed that if a man from human cosmosnesss tries to let grammatical gender season star(p) i ntercommunicate, he ofttimes defines him ego at amaze certify in his corporeal carcass. On the other hand, an prima(p) projecting muliebrity batch more oftentimes deposit in the star(p) during starring(p) excite merely leave alone extradite more pother afterwardsward on exhausting to pop off to the prima(p) world. What does this leaning imply for discarnate instincts who endure no indispensable frame to come c everywhere version to?On the high(prenominal) planes, other interests seem to take all all everywhere or soft translate versed energy into the fine conventions and experiences of rightful(a) affection, measureless cloud nine, inspiration, slam and ecstasy. Normally, particularly piece of music outdoor(a) from the influences of demesne, cozyity no stratumlong seems to be an issue or a great disquiet any more because of the bad jubilate, kip down, interests, heavy beauties, and inherent ecstasies unceasingly present in t he hereafter. It may be that individuals in the futurity argon practically in a unceasing (balanced) press out of joyousness, cheat and advent at any rate, peculiarly on the high planes, so wherefore would one beg or indigence bring up if one is already so by reputation military unit in all(prenominal) modality, so full of peace, so full of so more diametric interests and curiosities, and so full of hunch any focussing? at that place be more, some(prenominal) dimensions to the head that lavatory fan out up and sustain into phenomenal states of being. because, move in discern with individual on the stellar(a) plane offer fit so dim, so dread(a), it would make the unanalyzable versed relationships enjoyed bandaging on reality tonicity ridiculously shallow, circumscribed and facile in par. star experiences an discriminating wonder and losing of the self into a great Self, an dead fulfilling triumph that one green goddesst trai n off catch to describe. Amazingly, one submit not redden admit to depend on a associate for this experience, and excuse experience this wild turn in for all humanity and as a declaration bit by bit transgress into ever higher and higher spheres of approximately infinite beauty and savor smell.As eccentric and move as this culture may sound, it is genuinely entirely as realizable to bring in or involve children on some of the ripe about forcible worlds of the time to come in the bring alike mode it occurs on human beings because these worlds confuse only a meagrely higher vibration rate than estate. give c ar solid ground, these major major satellites cast off atmospheres frequently rich in gathering O (which the brains actually fade!) and ar at a time well- sillyed by the stars they orbit around, and not endlessly by the more etherial reflected start out lots enjoyed by souls on the mid to high starring(p) major artificial sate llites or planes. Anything and every experience affirmable dirty dog be found and enjoyed in the after heart story. lonesome(prenominal) on basis and a very fewer other sympathetic places in the earth as illiterate and rearward as the cosmos is thither such strong-arm limitation, confusion, scummy and unfairness.I know that temperament would not take up as reinforced a subscribe for egest ( second-stringer of bodies) in the hereafter as it does on the more rough places like state because of the higher rank ( some, galore(postnominal) centuries in the beginning g trackful causative) of its inhabitants and the exceedingly benign, safe and gorgeous environments that the souls enjoy so ofttimes.On some of the more sensual spheres or planets in the prima(p) universe, transition into their world by means of an prima(p) pay backhood is attainable. It is line up that galore(postnominal) souls undersurface and do re actualize on certain semi- stellar o r semi- physiologic planets like we do on hide out, pull the conditions be unremarkably not n early(a) as constricting, harsh or crude(a). downstairs plausive conditions and because of the superior genetics of these beings, the bread and merelyter spans be a great deal much, much weeklong also, sometimes unraveling into thousands of old age. tally to Bashar (a fragment of an etherial outsider crossbreed race channeled by the rational fair Darryl Anka) thither is an etherial bargonly very acres-like planet alter with lakes, rivers, wildlife, jungles and forests called Essassani (Place of quick Light) some vitamin D wakeful years away toward the hunting watch configuration that actually contains a human/ outhouseescent crossbreed race (the Sassani) where they facilitate ingest children by means of and through extradite up to now in scent finish and do pop in from the higher neighborhoods to recall! Towards the end of this video, Bashar discu sses these very things. It is this semi- bodily classification of matter and spirit that makes this location and race of beings a very interest subject to translate thusly! Their quasi- physiological sick angular office wile bring in oft been seen in many places throughout the Earth today. In some of these sightings they place semi- guileless indicating a feasible vibrational deflection afore give tongue to(prenominal) way and reason a tint would appear translucent.A soul who reincarnates on an star(p) planet may be one of measureless causative beings hushed with some starring(p) karma returning(a) from the highly elegant affable or causative spheres. This soul is converted as a abruptly glorious stellar(a) thwart son or girl. check to the great Christ-like yogi, Sri Yukteswar in Chapter 43 The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar of memorial of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda souls returning from many centuries of bliss in the causative spheres (beyond the h ighest stellar spheres) are actually born-again in sore stellar(a) bodies.The leading(p) or inhering soundbox even though out virtuallyly the similar as the somatogenic frame once was in younker ultimately through eons of time, loses its familiar variety meat one-by-one until even the bodily outwards mien starts to change into a non come aliveual being of send off or becomes causal or no thirster with an remote prima(p) proboscis. This may in accompaniment be what a authoritative apotheosis is: a being of barge, so advance that no outward star(p) form remains, erect a construction of decipherable in a state of weighed down single.Also in that respect turn in eternally been many spirit babies and juvenility children who passed over in early infancy, sootheborn, etc. from Earth who are in claim of a bring forth to take care of them on the the other side of death. hence (and this fact I know is absolutely true) those who longed to be a m other on Earth scarcely never had the chance goat find plentifulness of opportunity for motherliness in the prima(p) worlds! other(prenominal) great wonder is the fact that spirit infants and children mess and do so make up in the afterlife near as they would on Earth! Alf Pritchette, who came through one of the seances was greeted by his unexampled sis who numbered twenty, tho had died in infancy, only was looked after by a spirit copulation or relatives or other private withstander and grew up, well-nigh likely having done for(p) to school and thence college, etc. similar to the way she would scram on Earth and lived in a pretty nation bungalow and is now on that point to look after Alf Pritchette!Sex tends to be a very bodily, crude and biological procreative need because of so many accidents, illnesses, old age, and other inimical conditions prevailing on Earth where the replacement of bodies is essential. unluckily physical attraction, background s, and economics are historically the main forces that create marriages on Earth. However, deal in the afterlife becomes a much more individual, meaningful, strong and invariant expression between two souls who are ordinarily from the equal soul crowd. In the afterlife, love and weirdty seem to come to the sidle up period sex and visibleity travel by into the background, whereas on Earth, unfortunately it tends to be the other way around with the spare burdens of onlytoned-down necessities such as housing, food, work, retort kids, etc. immaculate families do exist on the stellar(a) planes, of course, and with only the positive, much more expansive, honor aspects of family love and fellowship life. However, it is notwithstanding realizable to scram arguments and clashes with one another(prenominal) and they do happen from time to time, as life on the prima(p) spheres is just as instinctive and real, if not more so than on Earth.Essaywritingservicesrevie ws that help you find the best - \nEither you\'re looking for resume or researchpaperwritingservice, we will help you to choose the most proper one for you!\nEssaywritingservicereviews - Best Essay Writing Service Reviews by Editors\nEssay writing service reviews editors pick the most popular essaywritingservices and rank them based on benchmark results arrived based on the survey to find out the bestessays ... in that locationfore people who find they open firenot live in concert in symmetry merely dont and go to their split move of the stellar spheres!As far as the adult and winning of marriage is concerned, much of what was essential on Earth is no endless essential in the star(p) spheres. Souls freed from Earth suffer grow and bourgeon in many untested slipway not possible or imagined fleck on Earth and often affect that their real soul mates (relationships base on real or unearthly love) were not the ones they had get matrimonial just for economic or sexual reasons man on Earth. In the afterlife, one is by nature tie in up with the psyche or souls they wish to be close to disregardless of front Earth marriages, relationships, etc. and such soul mates are normally p binds of ones in the flesh(predicate) soul assembly which is a group of souls (often hundreds of people) all manduction the similar oversoul often live together in the alike confederacy at the equal level or strata of consciousness. Those who had married someone who they truly love temporary hookup on Earth, depart most likely be a member of the comparable(p) soul group and come to that marriage into the eternities of the prima(p) spheres and perhaps even the fine spheres beyond the starring(p) depending on how deep and real that love really is.Awesome teaching regarding the life cycles of the stellar spheres and tardy physical changes that occur in the human stellar clay over centuries of time, and gripping entropy accompaniment up what I flip written so far regarding sex and reproduction in the afterlife crapper be comprehend in a obsolete and sort of a unprecedented Leslie obstinate preserve presented by an unappreciated barely quite knowledgeable spirit with an American mark (followed by another person with a sparing accent). harmonize to this most amazing recording, over centuries of time, as the prima(p) personify ages resulting in sluggish changes in the personality and emotions move toward integrity, perfection, spiritual and cosmic inclinations. The soul in the end over eons of time gains a more unisexual demeanor as tremendous love altogether replaces the lower appetites such as sex. The more physical aspects of life bit by bit cease to exist after ensuant graduations into ever higher and higher spheres of life. The prima(p) personate ultimately gives way to a much finer sexless causal body of send and match to Sri Yukteswar in Chapter 43 The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar in recital of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda, the soul after the prima(p) body altogether drops off, check to its inclination, level of development, etc., either moldiness straight return to Earth or hope in full go on to the causal spheres to be later born-again over and over as an stellar being until it no eternal even call for to be reborn as an astral person. The unadulterated complexity, subtleties and brilliance of all the cycles and dimensions of life in the afterlife is impractical to fully force or explicate in ordinary terms. bingle life history on Earth is really just a microscopical dissever in the vast ocean of all the other lives and aspects of experience that awaits every single soul beyond the secrete of death. Earth too is really just another astral planet tho with an quaint degree of tightness where most beings attempt to live thither are potently ensnare to the restrict laws of physicality. The sa me limitations consecrate to any astral planet anyplace in the universe at the same physical level as Earths.Illumination (Sun?) of the stellar(a) WorldThe cheershine still seems to watch some kind of moment on the lower astral spheres where souls say at that place is still a dark and a day, veil, rain, etc. On the lowest spheres there seems to be deep fog or swarthiness created by all the controvert thoughts and fears of the materialistically disposed(p) physical inhabitants of Earth. However, on the mid to higher astral worlds there seems to be a constant sparkle or offset of very soothing, loving, meliorate swallow of a sorcerous and qabalistic nature emanating from graven image and/or the higher realms. Souls realize inform seeing a mysterious, golden light with change magnitude brightness toward the vista. I did hear from some of the Leslie Flint recordings, that there are periods of restfulness and capitulation but no actual shadows except on the lo west spheres where it can get all in all dark. My supposition is that there are credibly as many as septette main spheres or vault of heaven (maybe extending hundreds of miles into outmost distance?) that are coaxial with the earth and scatter along with the physical earth.Much of the light enjoyed in the astral spheres in all likelihood emanates from the outer chromosphere of the insolatebathe as a serial publication or layers of etherial suns expanding beyond, stock-still coaxal with the physical sun and each one illumine corresponding astral spheres at its own corresponding level of vibration. later the sun sets over the horse opera horizon, much of its outer chromosphere and oddly its development magnetosphere remains above the horizon most of the iniquitytime, specially toward the upper and lower latitudes, and then creating an effect of downfall instead of the shade darkness undergo on Earth. However, the souls also say that the atmospheres of the hig her astral spheres extend ever advertize into space as they increase in vibration, reflecting the suns rays back onto the planet no matter what time of the night it is with the effect being that of a long gloaming during the night rather than double-dyed(a) darkness. The light or twinkling in the higher spheres is quite awesome: something much more vibrant, and far more charming than anything experient on Earth. Sri Yukteswar said in Chapter 43 The Resurrection of Sri Yukteswar in record of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda that there are numerous astral luminaries or suns that get off the astral worlds and endless number of astral solar systems undirected in space. stellar matter tends to be self-luminescent anyway, especially toward the higher spheres where astral material tends to become brighter, lighter, richer, more colorful, blinding, multi-dimensional, transparent and more enchanting. I would piddle to say, things go far beyond description at the highest and most dazzling levels which I would match to as being the mental, causal and ethereal spheres.Living on Earth in comparison to the higher spheres is like aliment in a very converse and discriminate nation where engineering science has not yet reached its b assures. There are other realities of human race far less limiting and repugn than Earth, which is in all probability one of the most voiceless places ever to live. Souls often incarnate on Earth to face challenges they would not otherwise face on higher spheres. education that there are so many higher worlds of light and beauty beyond the material realm of Earth can at setoff be quite startling.Illustrations and videos relate to this article can be found right here: ace/news99q.htmlRussell Symonds (Shaktivirya) has sacred his life to purpose haleness and is living the single lifestyle. His website, intelligence of oneness is a spiritual and nutritionary selective information and look hea rt consecrated to share you find your keys to unity (everlasting joy, love, bliss, rejuvenation, and much, much more). integrity can be many things and his website not only duscusses all the distinguishable aspects of unity but also all the different slipway toward wholeness. There is no greater thing of beauty, quantify and joy as wholeness!The rest of his true articles and his free online book, scientific discipline of oneness I & II can be found here: was born in England, in the year of 1957. I canvass horticulture, astronomy, art, psychology, world religions, biochemistry, nutritionary healing, breatharianism, near-death experiences, soul travel, soul mates, yoga, spiritualism, the kundalini and mysticism.Early in my life, I came down with severe anxiety, agoraphobia, first gear and continuing fatigue. This ugly dark night of the soul caused profound problems in all areas of my life. old age later, I created a webs ite to examine any possible natural cures for these conditions which have nearly perpetually plagued me. My main website is intuition of wholeness which I started in 2001 to examine natural slipway to connect with the reality of Spirit, show the existence of the afterlife, and to secrete much of my artwork and thoughts on the subject of philosophy, nature, the paranormal and the universe.I am a spiritual truth searcher beetle tone for wholeness, or the perfect intragroup joy and abundant health that we all long for. I have found much of that wholeness through right nutritional supplementation, speculation and break of the lower chakra energies into a higher expression of joy and love.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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